Psychic Reading – L. Surrey

Sangeeta’s warm and friendly approach made my first ever reading a comfortable experience, where I felt that a new experience was presented in a very non-threatening and supportive way. It was evident that Sangeeta has a passion for helping her clients through the use of her gift, and I felt that I was in good hands. The insights provided resonated clearly with me and felt like gifts to my spirit. Thank you so much Sangeeta!

Psychic Reading – S.G. Crewe

I found the telephone reading you did helpful and informative. It validated some of my own thoughts and you also put new ideas and perspectives on the table for me to contemplate. I will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you.

Psychic Reading – J.M. Lanarkshire
Recently I had an impressive reading by phone with Sangeeta.  The first thing I found reassuring was the care she took to outline the parameters of expectation.  For example, not to expect lottery numbers, financial or medical advice ETC.  In addition the form she requires any client to fill in ticking off various points before a reading can take place.The reading itself I found to be in the first instance spot on with regards to emotional aspects.  In financial matters, although as previously mentioned no direct financial advice can be given, I found much of what came through to be helpful. 
 And what’s even better for all us clients is she doesn’t charge the earth unlike many I have come across.  If you are minded to seek out a psychic reading my personal view is you would be hard pressed to find one as good.
Psychic Reading – R.P. Dagenham, Essex
To say I am impressed would be an understatement. I have just had a psychic reading from Sangeeta, using her telephone service. I have never had a reading before and didn’t know quite what to expect, but Sangeeta’s friendly easy going manner made for an enjoyable experience.
Sangeeta was able to tell me things about my business, which 
she could not have known about and she also gave me ideas on how to improve my working life by using other talents I have. I was amazed because I had only been thinking along those lines within the last few months and to hear Sangeeta telling me how I should use those talents simply floored me, how could she have known that I even had such talents and that I had been thinking of using them alongside my business.
I would certainly recommend Sangeeta to anyone, in fact I am so pleased with what she told me and the advice I received I will use Sangeeta in the future regarding my business, financial and even other life problems which pop up from time to time. So thank you Sangeeta, you’ve given me much to think about and much to be getting on with.
Psychic Reading – C. Stoke-on-Trent
I have had a tarot reading in the past and at the time was amazed how accurate it was! When I had a tarot reading by Sangeeta I knew she was very experienced and confident. Her assessment of the past, present and future were very accurate. She took her time to explain everything very well and I was impressed with her honesty. I would certainly recommend her.